What Is C2C? How Does the Customer-to-Customer Model Work?

Many people wonder why they should consider C2C commerce when certain companies dominate the market. Large companies often run into the problem of spreading themselves thin as they get too big. EBay might facilitate https://1investing.in/ selling everything, but they are an expert on nothing. Similarly, Etsy started as a site for artists to sell handmade […]

Is Fisker FSR Stock the Next Tesla? Or the Next Mullen?

If the company can deliver on FSD and the next-gen vehicle, the stock should be a winner over the long term. Lockdowns in China and the deplorable economic situation across the globe have significantly impacted Nio’s business of late. However, cumulative deliveries have reached 259,563 as of October, with a 174.3% growth in deliveries last […]

The concept of accruals and prepayments

It will often be the case that, at the end of a period, some expenses will have been paid which bring benefit in a subsequent period. Equally, some of the benefits derived in the current period may have been paid for in a previous period. Post the monthly accrual journal – To record an accrual, […]